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by posted 09/18/2020


  • We have our first team practice on Saturday, 9/19, at 11 am at John Street
  • Our 2nd team practice is on Sunday, 9/20, at 12:50 pm at Jefferson East
  • Both practices are with Brian Carroll’s PW 1 team
  • Please advise if you will miss

Action 1 – I would like to do a parent meeting in the Jefferson parking lot (by the lake), after the Sunday practice, at roughly 2:10 pm (gives me time to help clean up after practice). It will take 20-30 minutes for quick family introductions and a discussion of how I plan to approach the season. I will catch up with anyone that cannot make it sometime in the next week.

Action 2 – For now, please wear the following practice jersey color to every practice:


  • Leo Brandt
  • Owen Burns
  • Dean Kemph
  • Carsen Kotowicz
  • Claire Kotowicz
  • Mikey Marcucelli
  • Alex Witt


  • Luca Formento
  • Billy Grogan
  • Evan Jaunich
  • Cat Messersmith
  • William Murphy
  • Madden Taylor
  • Fred Wilkins

Flex / Goalie – Joe Kinsella, Lincoln Jakubowski

I will adjust these groups during the season.

Action 2Please let me know of any travel plans that you have already made over the next 5 months. We will try to set up at least one tournament (most likely will be out of state) and need to see if there are bad weekends that we could already anticipate. There is a good chance we will try to get something in by Halloween as we currently expect a compressed NWHL season that starts in November or December (this is a best guess).

Action 3Please email me a picture of your child for a tool I am going to create. You’ll understand when you see it.

Action 4Please ask your player what 3 things they think they need to work on most, right now. I am looking for things that THEY want to build confidence in. This could include things like hockey stops to the left, backhand shots, long passing, or backwards skating. I am going to put together a list and we will try to work things in that help each player. I don't wnat practices to be 'one size fits all'. I want each player to have time to address their own needs, especially early in the season.

Action 5Please ask your player to think about 1 personal goal to work towards for this year. This would include things like ‘get 10 assists’ or ‘post a shutout’. Goals such as ‘master backwards crossovers’ are also great. If you have a Superdeker, getting a 50, or even a 60, is a great goal (but requires parent validation!). Kids can have more than one goal or could set new goals after achieving their initial goal.


Thank you for time and consideration. Looking forward to seeing some of your tonight and most of you this weekend.


Chris Kotowicz

Head Coach, Chiefs PeeWee 2 / PeeWee Red


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by posted 09/17/2020

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