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Chiefs Hockey Club 2020-2021 Board of Directors

President - 

Acts as the Chief's executive officer and oversees all affairs of the Club including presiding over monthly Board meetings. Signatory on Club checking accounts. Acts as principal negotiator for the Club with the Edge Ice Rink Management and all other contracts. Acts as the Club’s representative to the Northwest Hockey League and other hockey leagues to which the Club may belong. 

Vice-President - 

Works with the President as a director of administration and fills in for the President as needed.  Responsible for communication with team managers, including a mandatory managers' meeting at the beginning of each season, organizes and maintains procedures for evaluation and drafting of players, Chair the Rules & Conduct committee, collects and maintain team score sheets, assign player numbers and order team uniforms. Monitors the Chief's hotline and e-mail. 

Secretary/Registrar - 

Serves as the Secretary of the Club including taking minutes at Board meetings.  Maintains a list of all active players. Acts as a liaison with AHAI and registers teams with appropriate organizations such as USA Hockey, AHAI, NWHL and the Spring League; keep records including copies of contracts and other documents.

Director of Events - Open

Oversees team/spirit wear selection, sales and distribution, coordinates the Pow-Wow, year-end banquet including trophies and raffle prizes, arranges for team pictures and any other fundraising events.

Spiritwear Director - 

Responsible for the ordering and distribution of all Club logo items, including player jerseys and socks. 

Treasurer - 

Serves as the principal accounting and financial officer of the Club, and is responsible for the maintenance of adequate books of account for the Club, including bank statements. Acts as signatory on all of the Club's bank accounts. Develops the budget for the Club for Board approval.  Ensures member fees are collected and bills are paid in a timely manner. Picks up P.O. Box correspondence. Works with the accountant to create a current Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement and ensures income tax filings are prepared each year.

Director of Hockey-Mite/Squirt Levels -

Interviews and recommends for Board approval all Club coaches and assistant coaches for teams at the Mite/Squirt levels and for Girls hockey. Develops and assists coaching staff at the Mite/Squirt levels and for Girls hockey. Works with the Vice President to develop impartial player evaluations in accordance with league rules. Works with the Director of Hockey - PeeWee/Bantam/Midget Levels to run goalie and skater clinics.

Directors of Hockey-Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget Levels - 

Interviews and recommends for Board-approval all Club coaches and assistant coaches for teams at the PeeWee/Bantam/Midget levels. Develops and assists coaching staff at the Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget levels. Works with the Vice President to develop impartial player evaluations in accordance with league rules. Works with the other Director of Hockey -Mite/Squirt Levels and Girls Hockey to run goalie and skater clinics.

Director of Ice Scheduling - 

Schedule ice time for practices and home games for all Chiefs' teams and production of schedules for all teams/players. Attends NWHL scheduling meetings. Serves as primary contact with the management of all rinks and other facilities to secure appropriate ice and synthetic ice slots to accommodate practices, clinics and games. Coordinate and act as primary contact with the referee scheduler.

Director of Marketing and Promotion -

Oversees promotion of the Chiefs Hockey Club, including publicity, promotional and recruiting materials, and communication with members. Develops newsletters throughout the year and maintains current information on the Chiefs bulletin board at the Edge, and produces and distribute flyers, registration and other appropriate hand-outs.  Responsible for content on Web site. Develops and produces the annual sponsorship book.

Webmaster - 

Charged with updating and maintenance of the Chiefs website.  The website is designed to be our main source of communication with the club members and is also one of our most important recruiting sources for new players. Some technical knowledge is required along with a general familiarity with website maintenance.